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The villa is built on a rectangular plot of 34,75x50 metres. This plot is enclosed on 3 sides by similar plots with freestanding houses. On the back side (North-East) of the plot lies an existing bank with tall trees that should remain. All the program takes place in one level to optimize the accessibility. From the program the kitchen, dining and living are all orientated on this bank and the garden around it. This creates a transparent garden facade with a maximum allowed width (from local restrictions) of 20 metres. To create a living with a lot of natural light, a patio is designed on the other side of the living towards the South. The patio is a private outdoor space, that is a comfortable outdoor seating all year round.

On the other side of the patio is the main bedroom. By enclosing the patio with a full glass facade, there is an unique view from the master bedroom through the patio and living towards the existing bank in the back of the garden. The roof of the living has an extra high ceiling in the shape of a sloped roof under different angles. The shape of roof together with the shape of the patio creates very unique indoor and outdoor spaces and great perspectives towards the existing bank and the tall trees that are specific for this natural environment.

The villa is very well insulated and warmed in a ecologically friendly manner by a heat pump and two fire places for wood.

On the flat roof of the villa 16 solar panels are placed for the delivery of electricity. The rest of the roof is realized with a green roof for optimized insulation and water management.

Program:       1 villa

Area:            267m2 floor area

Costs:           -

Client:           Private

Advisor:        Architechniek

Location:       Zeeland, the Netherlands

Villa BH

Location: Burgh-Haamstede, the Netherlands

Realization of a villa in Burgh-Haamstede, the Netherlands for a private client.

NEWS:  Video presentation Villa BH online, October 2011

Especially for the travelling exhibition Basic Instincts we have made a film that  illustrates the daily use of Villa BH on a

summer day. Basic instincts shows the work of Dutch fashion designers, photographers, designers and architects.