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Villa Siga Siga

Location: Peloponessos, Greece

Villa realization for private client.

Villa Siga Siga is a private villa close to a mountaintop nearby the Greek coastline. The house has a wide view over the landscape. The facades are clad with stones that are found on the premises. Also in the interior one of the walls is clad with this natural stone. The rest of the walls are plastered white. In the main living room there is a vide that leads to the roof terrace.

To enjoy the wide view of the landscape from the living room, a glass façade is created over the full width and height of this living room.

Location:                                              Peleponesis, Greece

Construction completion (2nd phase): 2012

Dimension:                                           248m2 floor area

Location:                                              Peleponesis, Greece      

Client:                                                  Private