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Realise your own design villa with the help of an architect and a constructional engineer. With our collaborative

organisation we offer you full supervision from design until the final delivery of the project.

All aspects of the building process will be carefully worked out and supervised. The construction of a villa has many

aspects that should be considered. Besides building regulations considering health, safety, insulation and fire, there

are local prior conditions that to be taken into account. Besides this it is of course important to have a good

supervision on the builder and to control the buildings costs.

Our organisation will help you in all these aspects to achieve the best living environment.


In an efficient communication with you we will translate your dreams into a design.

Gladly we will make an inventory of your wishes, considering dimension, program, location, budget en appearance.

After which we will show you a range of possibilities for the design of your villa. The work delivered by us will be clear

in it's presentation and appealing in it's image. We posses divers presentation techniques in which we will work your

out your villa as a computer 3D model. Later on we will also provide you with a scale model, that you can actually hold

in your hands, to show you the definitive shape of your villa. With the help of our wide range of presentation

techniques, we will keep you updated step by step of the design process. The design is made within the local

regulations and will be presentable for a building permit application.


Besides the design work, we can advice you in building costs, regulations, the possibilities within architecture and do

the communication with the builder and the local authorities.

At this time we have build up a wide range of experience with projects in national and international locations. Within

our collaboration we can affectively show you the possibilities of your budget. We can support you in the

communication with local authorities, and we can do the full building permit application. As well we can do the

supervision over the construction of your villa.


Besides the design work, we can also support you in selecting the builder.

We will follow the entire building process and we will visit the construction site regularly to see the progress and to

discuss with the contractor. We offer you a full supervision from the first design sketch until the final delivery of your