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Villa +

Location: Greece

Villa + is a design for a compact villa with potential to grow.

Start construction:     unknown

Footprint basic type: 50m2 (bruto)

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The design is a freestanding house with a footprint of 50m2 (external). This is a basic type, that has various possibilities to grow. The basic is a compact yet spacious villa. Villa + has all the required comfort and allows a wide panoramic view over the Greek landscape. The design has qualitative potential to grow. A few possibilities are:

1. An extra bed- and bathroom by an extension.

2. A basement with bathroom, bedroom and garage or with a bathroom and two extra bedrooms.

3. A big roof terrace.

4. An extra guesthouse with two bedrooms and a bathroom.

5. A swimming pool and an extended terrace.

Besides this there are several options in the finishing and is sustainability stimulated.

As sustainable characteristics examples in the possibilities are:

A. Glass facade with cantilever to the South (already in the basic type); Allows heating by the sun in the winter, the           cantilever gives shade in the summer; Allows natural daylight into the villa.

B. Good natural ventilation.

C. Capturing of rainwater.

D. A green roof and extra insulation could prevent the need for an expensive air conditioning.

E. Sun boiler or solar panels.

The villas are examples of qualitative designs for an affordable price. Of course the designs can still be altered to personal wishes and characteristics of the site.

Basic floor plan