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Villa Kb: Living with trees.  

Location: Kerckebosch, Zeist, the Netherlands

The local building regulations allow for one additional volume, here you can find the dining kitchen as a characteristic volume. The dining and the living area have an extra high ceiling allowing vertical perspectives to the tree tops. The dining and living become extraordinary spaces with the natural landscape as a scenery.

Bay windows penetrate the volume and allow for remarkable view line on the surroundings. An example is the bay window in the bathroom, that has a view on an pine tree. The experience becomes almost like bathing in a tree house.   

Translation of the local guidelines

Plot layout

The home is carefully implanted on the plot and keeps as much of the existing trees as possible. Also the characteristic curves of the landscape are maintained. The floor plan moves through the landscape to preserve its qualities. In and around the villa there is a strong relationship with the tree landscape.

Program:      1 Villa

M2:              282m2 floor area

Period:         2012

Client:          WOM Kerckebosch

Location:      Kerckebosch, Zeist, Nederland

Design to enjoy the tree landscape, 2012