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Villa Al

Location: Almere, The Netherlands

This proposal emphasises the natural qualities and character of the location.

Concept, 2011

A meandering river through a green environment is translated into a meandering route through a green building..   

In a natural context also the electricity and heating are found in natural resources.  The pavilion/villa is constructed from natural materials found in the surroundings. These materials emphasize the character of living in a green environment.

Wood; The pavilion has a wooden construction. Also the floor and some interior ceilings are clad with wood.  

Straw; An excellent insulation is found in straw. This natural material allows a comfortable interior climate all through the year.

Clay; For a smooth finishing some interior walls are clad with clay.

Vegetation; Vegetation is on the facades, some interior walls and (interior) ceilings. The vegetation emphasize the green context and ensures a healthy building.  


The building is designed as multi functional. Besides a villa the design can also function as an office or pavilion.

Program:       Villa

Area:            174m2 floor area, excl. terraces

Location:       Almere, the Netherlands

Integrated solar cells

Electricity from

river motion

Efficient water use

Heatpump for

Warming and cooling