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NEWS:  Interior design realized, February 2012

For an apartment in Rotterdam WHIM designed a new interior. The design results in a more open floor plan and a higher efficiency

in the use of the available volume. One of the new elements is a multifunctional closet. The work is completed at the end of

January 2012.

NEWS:  Video presentation Villa BH online, October 2011

Especially for the travelling exhibition Basic Instincts we have made a film that illustrates the daily use of Villa BH on a summer day.

 Basic instincts shows the work of Dutch fashion designers, photographers, designers and architects.

Apartment Rd

NEWS:  Introducing Villa Al, January 2012

This proposal emphasises the natural qualities and character of the location. A meandering river through a green environment is

translated into a meandering route through a green building.

Villa Al

3D-impression of Villa Al in its natural context.

Photo of living room towards the multi purpose room.

NEWS:  Exhibition Basic Instincts in Arnhem, the Netherlands, March 2012

Objects, photographs and scale models created by young product designers, photographers and architects will feature in the

exhibition Basic Instincts, hosted at the Eusebiuskerk by Premsela and the Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem. Clothes by

five designers whose work defines contemporary Dutch fashion will be on view in Arnhem from Saturday 2 June through

Sunday 29 July 2012. Basic Instincts first appeared in Berlin in July 2011. A presentation of Villa BH is the contribution of

WHIM architecture.

Photo opening Basic Instincts in Berlin. Photo by Trevor Good.

NEWS:  New photos Villa Ug Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, May 2012

Modernization and extension of an existing bungalow; The existing home is reorganized with a new roof and improved insulation.

The roof of the bungalow is lifted and the program is reorganized. Partition walls are demolished and moved to create larger living

spaces and attractive see throughs. By moving the kitchen, to what used to be a bedroom, a new dining kitchen with a visual

connection to the garden is created. This new kitchen is located in the original extension at the back of the villa, with the new roof,

this becomes a spatial dining area.

Villa Ug

Photo study room Villa Ug (still to finalize). Photo by WHIM architecture.

NEWS:  Concept Kite villas El Gouna, Egypt, August 2012

Close to a Kite surf school WHIM is collaborating on the concept to develop villas for Kite surfers. The villas have a direct access

to the open water. The villa design is customized to Kite surfers, which results in a free form, maximum relation to the open water

and openness.

The four villas all have there own characteristics while still being part of the group.  


3D-impression of the Kite villas in aerial view by WHIM architecture.

Photo opening Basic Instincts in Shenzhen. Photo by Vivian Cheng.

NEWS:  Villa Siga Siga; Final phase completed, Greece, November 2012

The lower floor of this villa completed construction. Villa Siga Siga is a private villa close to a mountaintop nearby the Greek

coastline. The house has a wide view over the landscape.  

Villa Siga Siga

Photo lower terrace Villa Siga Siga, October 2012.

NEWS:  Villa design for Kerckebosch, the Netherlands, October 2012

A design proposal that mixes local traditional architecture with the forestry. A maximum of the existing trees are kept and taken

into the design proposal as important elements of the plot.


3D impression interior living and dining Villa Kb October 2012.

NEWS:  Exhibition Basic Instincts opens in Shenzhen, China , October 2012

Opening of the exhibition in the OCT Art & Design Gallery in Shenzhen. Basic Instincts is a multidisciplinary show of contemporary,

directional visions in Dutch fashion culture, design and architecture. WHIM is contributor to the exhibition with Villa BH.

The exhibition will be on show until 22 November 2012.

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NEWS:  Work in progress:  Design Recycled Island prototype coastal pollution, May 2013

Together with a naval architect and a building engineer we are further developing the Recycled Island prototype of coastal pollution.

The prototype is a floating house with surroundings. This floating villa is constructed from recycled plastic and self sufficient. The

temporarily design should be finished in July 2013.


3D-impression of the design in progress.

NEWS: 1st Prize for sofa design, June 2013

Sofa design in recycled plastic awarded for realization. The sofa will be used by Stoere Vrouwen (Tough Women) an organization that stimulates awareness amongst shoppers. With the sofa realized by recycling used plastic shopping bags we support the ban of single use plastic bags for shopping.


More information in Dutch on the website of Stoere Vrouwen:


3D-impression of the sofa with one of the Stoere Vrouwen (Tough Women), May 2013.

NEWS: Temporarily design for Villa Leonidas, February 2014

Design of a green villa for the new urban development Leonidas Rotterdam . The design matches the green environment. The villa is a compact design suitable for its urban condition.


3D-impression Villa Leonidas, February 2014.

NEWS: Sketch design for  modernization of a house in Geleen, Limburg, December 2013

Modernization proposals for an existing house. The different options show the potential of improving the current situation with a new organisation and glass facade.


3D-impression interior Geleen, December 2013.

NEWS: Construction started for the extension of Villa BH; Villa BH Plus, Mei 2014

Villa BH will have an extension for guests on the existing garage and carport. The villa is enriched with a new sculptural roof and entrance facade.


3D-impression Villa BH Plus, May 2014.

NEWS: Design for a new category floating homes, April 2014

Villa Float is an innovation in floating structures, where different disciplines collaborate to realize a new floating housing type. Villa Float is an environment friendly and future proof housing proposal.


3D-impression Villa Float @ Rijnhaven, Rotterdam, April 2014.

NEWS: Villa Leonidas temporarily design approved, November 2015

The Rotterdam municipality approves our temporarily design, which allows us to continue with the definitive design.

On an old hockey field the city creates space for compact sustainable villas. Our design is for a Rotterdam family.

The expected date for construction is in the summer of 2016.

3D-impression Villa Leonidas, November 2015.

NEWS: Modernization family home Geleen in progress, September 2015

For an existing house in Geleen, Limburg, the Netherlands we sketched different options for modernization and improved relation with the outdoor space. One of our design proposals is selected and now under construction. The configuration of the ground floor becomes more efficient. A new glass facade allows more sunlight into the living room and strengthens the relation with the courtyard.

Photo work in progress, September 2015.

NEWS: Modernization and extension family home BR in progress, June 2015

House BR gets a more open floorplan, an extra floor and a roof terrace. More openness is created by altering the bearing construction on the ground floor. The kitchen becomes part of the living and widens the panoramic view on the landscape.

On top the existing roof an extra floor is added together with a reasonable dimensioned roof terrace to increase the living pleasure in- and outdoors.

Photo work in progress new floor on the roof, June 2015.

NEWS: Exterior finished for the extension of Villa BH; Villa BH Plus, June 2015

Villa BH has an extension for guests on the existing garage and carport. The villa is enriched with a new sculptural roof and entrance facade.


Photo facade Villa BH Plus, June 2015.